Our Collection of

Resources for Personal and Collective Growth

Our resources page provides a collection of tools, information, and inspiration to support your personal and collective growth. Whether you’re looking for books, videos, or online resources, we’ve got you covered.

Pranic Living

Resources related to pranic practices, such as meditation, breathwork, and energy healing.

Video Replays

A collection of videos on various topics related to personal and collective growth.


Resources related to mindfulness, self-discovery, and personal development.

Sustainable Living

Resources related to sustainable living, such as eco-friendly products and practices.


Resources related to compassionate communication, conflict resolution, and nonviolent communication.

Leadership Programs

A list of youth leadership programs and organizations for young adults.


A nonprofit organization that provides training and resources for youth to become leaders in their communities and advocate for social justice.

Youth Speaks

A youth-focused arts organization that promotes self-expression and leadership through spoken word and poetry.

Girl Up

A United Nations Foundation campaign that empowers girls to become leaders and advocates for gender equality.

Educational Equity

An organization that supports current and former educators in becoming advocates for educational equity and change makers in their communities.

Youth Build USA

A program that empowers low-income youth to become leaders and advocates for affordable housing, community development, and job training.

Peace First

An organization that empowers young people to become leaders and peacemakers in their communities by providing resources and support for social change projects.

Online Courses

A list of online courses and webinars related to personal and collective growth.

Qi Gong Mastery

Herbs & Remedies

Juicing for Joy

Joy Recipes

Some of our recipes that make us joyful all day!